Homework Isn’t Useful

Can you find a teacher who never gives homework to the students? Perhaps it is impossible. Homework can be found easily at school. It has been around for a very long time as a tradition of having teachers assign work and students complete it at home. However, there has been much recent debate about the importance of homework because it can be considered helpful or harmful to students. It is an important issue because many controversies arise when students bring back homework to be done at home. As a result, various arguments have been put forward about this matter. This essay will consider giving homework to students and it also emphasizes the problems of homework. Some evidence shows that homework is not useful.

It has been argued that homework helps students to develop strong work habits. Most teachers, so this argument goes, believe that homework can assist the students to work independently. It is also claimed that homework creates active students. However, those statements must be proven carefully. In fact, many students do not do their homework autonomously. In addition, most students do not care with their homework. Usually, they depend on their parents or friends to finish the homework. Therefore, they ask their parents to do the homework or copy from their friends. Thus, homework will not be useful to build up strong work habits.

Some people contend that homework teaches students about time management. They argue that students can manage their time for studying, playing and doing social activities. That benefit, which is obtained from doing homework, so this argument goes, helps students to control their time. Nevertheless, some parents argue that homework cuts family time. They can hardly do family activities if their children have homework. In addition, homework is a source of stress for the parents and their children instead of teaching about time management.

It is the contention of many teachers that homework is an essential tool for helping children learn. This position goes on to assert that homework is in part responsible for improved education. However, there are many ways that can be used to improve the quality of learning such as group discussion, playing games, field practice, learning from the internet etc. Indeed, the teachers must arrange the class schedule and facilitate the class properly to reach that goal. Furthermore, it can be predicted that students will enjoy those activities.

Homework is not necessary. It can waste time. The students and parents may sometimes have to stay up late at night to finish homework. They lose precious sleep time, and this probably can affect their body health. In addition, homework increases the stress for the students and the parents. As a result, it probably leads to worse learning and worse performance.

In conclusion, homework is not helpful. Homework fails to help the students to work independently. Moreover, it does not teach about time management and also cannot improve the quality of learning. Therefore, the teachers must truly consider when they want to give homework as well as think of another way to improve the learning quality. If they persist to give homework to the students, it is possible to increase the student stress and produce ineffective learning.