English Room Has Been Created

Discussion in Bali Blogger Community mailing list pushed me to create new category “English Room” in this blog. Well, I realize that English is very important. I haven’t taken the intensive English Course yet,; except I took the subject¬† in¬† Junior and Senior High School, also when I was studying in Economic Faculty of SWCU; because my parent didn’t have more money to pay the course English so I decided to learn individually. I have planned to take English Course soon. Two days ago I searched information the intensive English course in IALF Bali, also in EF Denpasar. That’s very interesting and next month I want to register in one of them. I am still thinking where I must take my English course.

I think that I am not late to take English course. Well, my friend told me that if I take the English course, I will meet junior and senior high school students. Hemm, that’s fine. They can motivate me to learn good English, also maybe I will meet my soul mate on there.

Thanks to some guys from Bali Blogger Community in thread I’m Come Back because your comments on that thread urged me to build this category. There are AndyPutera09, Luh De Suriyani, Anton Muhajir, Pria Purnama and Gustulank. Thanks guys. I will also write my experience and story in English. Hope I can get correction from you all because “sharing is caring”. Maybe I need to read books, novels, newspapers and magazines written in English. Anything else? What about film? Hemm, I think film is very good to practice listening. To learn the speaking, I want to start the conversation with English. Or maybe we can arrange discussion in English to practice our English? Why not?